Drinx Exchange: A Date with the Techy Table?

A true companion for a dine out! From making sure that you don’t bump while boozing to serving you colourful tacos!

Not yet experienced the Next Gen for a dine out? Yes, tables are no longer just ‘It’ they interact. These have now transformed into something else entirely. “What does a bar comprise of? It has drinks, food, sports, music and the experience of meeting new people… I’ve taken all this and combined it into one product,” begins Rahul Dhingra, 37-year-old tech enthusiast, who conceptualised the interactive tables. Witness some cool animations in virtual reality; a different world, right?

With a few outlets up and running at Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal and CBD Belapur, Dhingra along with his partner DibyenduBindal have planned a total of 20 across the country. Located where the old Bar Stock Exchange (BSE) once stood, this recently-launched bar has seemingly ordinary furnishing – large ceiling fans, contemporary decor with booze bottles hanging about and pop culture acronyms plastered across walls – barring one thing: tables that talk.

Gadget makes you Guzzle in Style!

This tech-bar has tony cocktails like Tequila infused orange juice topped with beer, The Enlightened, The Ultimate Bulldog – a blend of vodka, white rum, gin with juices and beer; Electric Iced Tea; and frozen watermelon Daiquiris to quench your thirst.

Apart from an array of ravishing drinks, the table will serve you the Old Monk Chicken Wings, Hummus platters and mini coloured tacos.

Hi, I am your table for today!

Here it goes, “You can call me table 1!” says the table. One of the many 32-inch LED screens fitted on medium-sized tables (that seat four) lights up inside Drinx Exchange. The CMS manages a gamut of activities like introducing your waiter, taking food and drink orders, displaying lyrics of ongoing songs, an itemised bill and an option called ‘crash the market’. This is signalled by sirens and the tables give you a heads-up to tell you to, “keep your eyes open” for the one who crashes the market. Customers then make a dash for the discounted drinks, their eyes fixed on the ticking countdown on big screens, as the crash only lasts up to five minutes.

Being techy at heart since the age of 10, technology is everything for Dhingra. Tech goes everywhere – at customer level, staff, managers, even food and beverages have to be designed based on tech. That’s the future.


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