Drink More, Get Drunk Less!

You go with hopes of winning the drinking game by drinking the entire bar. And you do. But you end up feeling like life has been sucked out of your body the next day. Same story every time. That’s cue for people to tell you to drink less. Well, they are right but it’s easier said than done, we agree. Want to do something about it? Follow these tips and you’re good to go.



  • Tuck in some food


Make it a point diligently to be well-fed if you plan to have a long night with plenty of alcoholic drinks. Having food in the stomach greatly reduces the effects of alcohol! Perhaps have some yogurt or milk right before. Never drink with an empty stomach.



  • And continue right through


Keep munching on something while consuming alcohol to dilute the impact. Proteins and fatty carbohydrates work best!



  • Space out your drinks


Cannot say this enough but the rate at which you drink decides how drunk you would be. You might have drinks all night but still not be drunk or the complete opposite. Stretch out your drink, perhaps having 1 drink per hour is a good bet. To maintain your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC).



  • Drink (water)!


Alcohol dehydrates the body and thus and tires your brain thus multiplying the effects of alcohol. Keep hydrated to Alcohol causes dehydration, which in turn makes your hangover infinitely more unpleasant. Stay hydrated, ideally by drinking a sports drink like Lucozade or coconut water – both contain the nutrients you lose when you’re out on the town drinking.



  • Mind the colour


Studies show that consuming dark coloured drinks make for a worse hangover. Darker drinks like red wine, whiskey and dark rum contain more congeners (toxic chemicals) that contribute to some intense hangovers as compared to the lighter ones such as gin, white wine or vodka which contain almost no congeners at all.



  • No mixing


Make a note – the more you mix different kinds of alcohol together the faster you get buzzed, not to mention waking up with a worse hangover.  Avoid cocktails like LIT or having different neat types one after the other.



  • Dilute your drinks


While a lot of you like your alcohol with bubble beverages like cola, it’s advised to best have it the other way. The bubbles speed up the absorption of alcohol in your system thus alcohol mixed with carbonated drinks gives especially bad hangovers and gets you drunk quicker.



  • Cause deception


It is easier to fool people who are buzzed. So for those simply drinking to stay in the group, a good way out would be to ask the bartender to make you something non-alcoholic that looks just like an alcoholic drink; for example mixing club soda and apple juice to make something look like gin and tonic.



  • Deceive yourself


The shape of your glass has an impact on your brain. Drinking from a straight-sided glass helps your brain understand how much you’ve had to drink as compared to curved glasses because apparently, one drinks up to 60 per cent slower in a straight glass than those drinking from glasses with curved sides.



  • Avoid hangover


If at the end of the night you have a part of your brain in place, then drink a glass of orange juice, milk or warm water to reduce the intensity of the hangover the next day.  



  • The magic solution


Don’t really know whether it is a full-proof solution as it is perceived and called out to be,  eating a spoonful of the regular yeast before each drink almost nullifies the chances and effects of a hangover the next day and helps you drink more without getting drunk.



  • THINK!


Most importantly, and the one step solution for all drinking related problems – just think before you drink. Do you really need to drink? If yes, then is so much and so many types necessary? IS the next drink avoidable? Drinking wisely is key.

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