Can You Carry CBD Oil On A Plane?

CBD oil is a hemp-based additive that provides may benefit including relieving discomfort. While it’s usually ordered and shipped to our homes which is legal across state lines now, travelling with it is another matter entirely.

In this article, we examine the ins and outs of carrying a CBD oil product onto a place.

Understanding CBD

The distinction to understand clearly about CBD products is whether they are produced from hemp or marijuana-derived. What’s the difference? The two terms are used to confirm whether the CBD product has less than 0.3% THC content or is above this level.

While the legalities may seem murky, the dividing line here is quite clear. For a CBD product to be considered derived from hemp, it cannot contain more than 0.3% THC within its composition.

Most producers use hemp plants instead of marijuana ones; the difference is that hemp plants naturally keep their THC composition low enough whereas the latter would exceed the 0.3% limit naturally.

Carrying CBD on a Plane

cbd oilThe 2014 Farm Bill permits the use of hemp-based CBD products. This is on the basis that the THC levels keep below the 0.3% limit. However, current TSA guidelines which govern air travel within the United States specifically state that CBD based products are illegal to carry when travelling.

The TSA operates under federal law and not state law where a departing or arrival airport is relevant. Because of this, to some extent, they make their own rules about what items are acceptable to have with you when you travel.

No Distinction for Hemp or Approved Medical Use

It’s important to understand that there is no exemption for hemp-based CBD products including CBD oil that is recommended for medicinal purposes. Indeed, the TSA doesn’t separate out hemp-based vs marijuana-based CDB products at all. Nor are they concerned about the THC levels.

Some purchasers may be interested in buying a bulk CBD distillate, perhaps as a clean source to later create an independent product with a lower THC level, however, this would fall under the same ban. Whether travelling with hemp-based CDB products legal in the USA or bulk CBD distillate, the same rules apply. Despite hemp-based CBD being legal to own, air flight is a separate animal with different rules presently.

Where Does This Leave You?

Purchasing CBD oil products made from hemp is legal in every state. The law is clear on this. The trouble comes into the equation when travelling, particularly out of state and when flying especially. At that point, the TSA has control and applies different rules which are confusing for many people.

To avoid confusion, we would suggest being careful when packing for a trip. Inspect your toiletries or medicine bag to verify what you have included. If you use CBD oil as a form of medicine, then check your medications too. Ensure any CBD-derived products are not present in your travel bags to avoid legal complications.

CBD oil is a valuable product that provides noticeable relief from aches and pain for people who seek some relief from their symptoms. It pays to be mindful when travelling because it’s still a new topic and consistency in its treatment is not yet uniformly applied.

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