Bring back the spark in your long distance relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not really easy. But, you need nothing else than pure love to make it work. We are helping you with some cool ideas to bring back the spice in your long distance relationship.

Bloomsy Box

Bloomsy Box is the most romantic thing for a girlfriend. Who doesn’t like getting flowers delivered on their doorstep? Bloomsy Box allows you to schedule weekly, biweekly and monthly flower deliveries to your love.

Your Fonts

How cool is to send someone something in the font of your own handwriting. Hand written letter feels like home, and if in the tech advanced world today you get to send messages in your handwriting, we don’t think it can get better than this. Give a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal instant messaging program!

My Day Registry

My Day Registry is an exclusive online registry where you get to dedicate and register a specific date by month, day, and year in honor of a special event or person in your life. Every day registered is recorded in the International Day Registry for ensuring there is only ONE registered owner each day. When you register a day, you receive: Certificate of Ownership printed on a beautiful piece of high quality parchment paper and personalized for your special occasion and name of the owner in modern calligraphy. Includes a frame. Online Profile of Authenticity Recorded in the Registry of Dedication.


Vibease allows your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t really matter whether he/she is in the office or any other place, you can still have your quick intimate moments. You can do these many things with Vibease: Tease your partner and play with custom vibes you create. Connect with your partner from office to home, across the country or anywhere in the world. Text andshare your sweet moments with your partner.


Durex Fundawear

Durex, the famous condom brand has come up with its latest innovation- Fundawear. It represents the condom company’s first foray into the land of connected devices, and the name explains quite well how it works. You can put on this special underwear that will connect to a smartphone app. You can then control the vibrations yourself with a smartphone as a remote, or pair the lingerie with your partner’s smartphone, so they can control the fun.

durex fundawear

The Touch HB Ring

Wearable company The Touch has created this smart HB rings that uses an app, Bluetooth and internet access via your phone. Users simply tap the ring to connect and then the ring transmits the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time. According to the company, Touch is ‘the most sophisticated ring in the world’. It packs over 100 components like battery, a circular LED array, a charging connector, and a multidimensional motherboard to name a few.

touch HB ring

Long Distance Touch Lamps

Long Distance Touch Lamps will let your loved one know you’re thinking about them in real time. After each of you connect to this lamp through Wi-Fi, a quick touch of the hand sends a message. When one lamp is touched, the other gives off the same radiant glow, no matter how far away you are from each other. You can buy these lamps in a pair for you and your boo, or as many as you need to keep the whole family well connected.

long distnace touch lamp

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