How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With A Cola Can

Posted by malik on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 18:27

What is the use of investing all that hard earned money over an expensive 5 mbps plan and a modem that looks straight out of a bond film, when it totally functions like a Dial - up connection.  Now you can make use of all those empty Cola cans (Yes, you can use a Beer can too) lying around the house to boost your Wi-Fi signal. It is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Find a less crowded Wi-Fi signal. This is applicable to those who have multiple routers at their workplace and need to figure out the best available option for them. The thumbrule remains, the lesser the number of people on a network, the faster will be the speed.

Step 2

Check the position of the router. Ensure that it is not surrounded by objects that can intervene its signal. In a household, walls, metal objects, floor, etc could be potentially hampering the signal.

Step 3

Inspite of doing all this, you could still be experiencing a weak signal. This is where we come in. Take the empty can, Slice out the bottom of the can. Do the same thing to the top but leave about one inch near the drinking hole of the can uncut this time. Take a pair of scissors and cut straight down the body of the can too. The cut can will open up like a sheet of paper.

Step 4

Slide the drinking hole down the antenna of the Wi-Fi router. It will create a wall like structure on top of the antenna. Now your Wi-Fi signal will be more focused towards your computer. Voila, in this way you can boost your Wi - Fi signal by merely sitting at home and making use of a can you could have probably thrown in thrash.

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