Best Hotels In The World For The Tech Savvy People

Robot concierges, underwater music systems, and holographic meetings are not just a part of science fiction but you can find these things in some of the hotels. We are listing down the most hightech hotels in the world that will leave you mesmerized!

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1.Blow Up Hall 5050 Poznań, Polan

Blow Up Hall 5050 is a bar, restaurant, and hotel that also doubles as an interactive work of art due to its numerous digital art installations. The lobby installation shows up images of guests via surveillance type shots. In fact, the check-in also doesn’t happen in a traditional way, instead, the guests access their rooms through a digital key which is being sent to an iPhone provided by the hotel. It has 22 guest rooms and event spaces that have the capacity of almost 700 people.

2.Hotel 1000 Seattle, Washington, United States

Hotel 1000 has converged impeccable IP infrastructure and multimedia on a sole structure. Due to this, the people who come to stay here get options like selecting the desired music, artworks, and temperatures for their room. There are even infrared detectors in the rooms that send the alert to the housekeeping staff about guest occupancy. This is a 5-star waterfront hotel that also provides Microsoft Surface tablets in every room, along with touchscreen VoIP phone and also a golfing room which is virtually simulated. It has 120 guest rooms along with an event space that can accommodate up to 75 seated guests, 80 for an event with a dance floor or 110 for a reception.

3.The W Singapore at Sentosa Cove Sentosa Island, Singapore

The W Singapore has replaced the average speakers with underwater speakers inside the pool. Not only this, you can also enjoy poolside music in a private cabana-loaner along with a personal iPad. The hotel is really equipped with music technology as the hotel’s WOW Suite comes with its own private DJ booth. Furthermore, there’s LED lighting everywhere in the hotel. There are 240 guest rooms and also has special meeting amenities like signature scents and mood music.

4.Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel Shenzhen, China

This hotel is really unique because it has an entire staff of robots starting with waiters, doormen to front desk attendants. It looks like a sci-fi reality because of the banks of computers, robo-waiters, and glossy and neon surfaces. Even the beds are innovative space station bunks. However, it only has 17 capsules.

5.NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, German

This hotel is really every business traveler’s dream. There is holographic technology for the guests, that makes 3D image projections of meeting attendees of work presentations happen. The NH hotel has also chains in Barcelona and Milan that use the same technology. If you are into music, guitars and keyboards can also be delivered to your room. It has an overall 268 guest rooms and you can choose from 10 different meeting spaces which have the maximum accommodation of 350 people.

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