Best Games Available On Xbox One X & Playstation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 got the early mover advantage but Microsoft has equally shaken things up in and around. Both of them have their share of pros and cons and mostly depend on your personal choice. So, whether you are an Xbox fan or PS4 Pro, we are listing down the best games available on either or both the consoles.

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins

This one is full of adventure and action packed and has over the years marked itself to be one of the best game series available. ‘Origins’ is the latest one which maintains the charm of earlier editions adding a lot more features to explore. This game takes you through an exciting journey and gives you more than 100 weapons to play across.

Grand Theft Auto V

Not many games in the league can beat the Grand Theft Auto (popularly known as GTA). The latest GTA V has fresh characters – Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. Fictionally, it has been set up in Los Santos. It no doubt has a memorable storyline and new missions for you to get indulged completely.

gta vice city

Gears Of War 4

This is exclusively for Xbox and as far as the third person shooter games are concerned, this is in my favorite list. Gripping gameplay, amazing multiplayer option, a variety of weapons, Gears of War 4 is one of the best games, trust me!


GranTurismo Sport

There are a lot of racing games out there, but the two which really is classy and near perfect is Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport. Gran Turismo is a lot of fun to play, has great visuals, and tremendous racing experience. It has over the years built a set of loyal fans and I can only see that multiplying in the future.

granturismo sport

Forza Motorsport 7

How can we leave Forza Motorsport while talking about Gran Turismo?! Forza Motorsport also is a brilliant racing game just like GTS. It features excellent tracks, high-end cars and overall has everything you are looking for. This game is also available on PC format but is again exclusive to Xbox.


Fifa 18

This game barely needs an introduction as it has been ruling the trending charts for more than a decade now. EA Sports tweaks the game every year and definitely for the best. FIFA– 18 offers a different gameplay and is suitable for football lovers and those who are into sports-based games.


Yakuza 0

If you are brave-hearted and an adventure lover, look no further! This gangster-themed adventure game is just your thing. Yakuza 0 has a very solid combat and amazing gameplay with exciting story. It was rated as one of the best games of 2017 and you’ll know why, when you play this.

yakuza 0

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