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Arjun Rampal (29th January 2015)0930He is tall, dark and handsome, just like the prince you probably read about. The super hot Arjun Rampal is undoubltedly one of the most good looking Bollywood hunks we have today. Having won a national award for Rock on(2009) he has also entertained us with some amazing hits like Om shanti Om, Housefull, Ra One and the list goes on.With his upcoming release Roy, he is all set to revive the old world charm in a synchronous set up. He is so much into his character that he can’t miss wearing the director’s hat on our cover. At first he looked serious with a big release due and promotions already, but it’s our second cover with him and we know how to break ice. So, we go a step further by having an awesome tech chat with Arjun. In the Directors Lingo -Act 1- Scene I– Final Take.

Exhibit : How did Roy happen to you?
Arjun : It happened to me about three and a half years back before I started filming it. Vikramjit Singh who is the director, it was his first film which he wanted to do and then he came up to me with this idea about two film makers falling in love. One is from a commercial genre and the other is more from an Art school who is more prolific.  However, I am not the prolific one. I make the commercial stuff.

Exhibit : For your role in Roy, did you spend alot of time researching on film making and technology?
Arjun : Well, it was actually very well defined in the script. It was perfectly written, what Vicky really wanted. I play this guy called Kabir Grewal who is a man today. He is confident and he has got everything going for him. At the same time, he is not a very people’s person and he doesn’t like people entering his private space. He is very vintage and he really likes vintage stuff which also reflects in his films. He uses a typewriter and not a computer. So, it won’t go for your magazine at all. (Laughs)

Exhibit : Who is that one person in Bollywood whom you consider an inspiration and why?
Arjun : Well, there are many wonderful film makers and actors who have always turned out to be phenomenal. But, the person I really admire just for his sheer talent, his whole persona and the dignity he brings to an actor is Mr. Bachchan.

Exhibit : Is Arjun and Mehr Rampal a techie couple?
Arjun : Yes, Mehr is more into ipads and there are games she keeps playing.

Exhibit : You have been in the industry for a long time. Do you think technology has evolved in film making in the last 5 years?
Arjun : Of course, if I dint see it then I wouldn’t be a part of the industry. Technology is changing at an astonishing speed. Everybody is shooting digital now. Nobody ever thought films would ever go digital but see, it’s gone.

Exhibit : Any techie advice you have got till date?
Arjun : Well, everybody thinks they are tech wizard now days and everyone’s got an opinion on everything. But I prefer it to hear it from you guys [Actual Experts]

Exhibit : The age of selfies has engulfed the entire population. What’s your take on it?
Arjun : I think its Indias’ herd mentality that makes everything so popular. I mean, we dint know that shooting ourselves is called a selfie. Now there are selfie songs and everything is a selfie including camera apps in smartphones which comes as selfie mode. It’s just another terminology which states “yes this is a selfie.” However, I am not really into selfies.ar1

Exhibit : You are successful model and now an actor. Do we see Arjun Rampal becoming a film director in future?
Arjun : Isn’t there an app to forecast that? (Laughs) I love the whole process of film making. Infact, I work closely with all my directors, so I don’t know. Maybe in the future I would but not right now.

Exhibit : Instagram or Snapchat?
Arjun : Instagram.

Exhibit : Considering the facts that you have tight schedules, do you use any apps for time management?
Arjun : No, or else my secretary would be out off of a job.

Exhibit : Tell us two things we don’t know about you?
Arjun : One being that I still believe in human beings and not everything is digital and the other is that I love travelling.

Exhibit : Tech pranks involve being captured on a camera unknowingly or having funny videos of you. Have you been a victim of any such tech pranks?
Arjun : No, not at all. I am one up with the rest especially when it comes to tech pranks.

Exhibit : One obsolete tech gadget which you want to get back from 10years back?
Arjun : The typewriter for sure.

Exhibit : You are a DJ deep inside. Do we see you grooving at the Ultra or Tomorrowland some day?
Arjun : I love to spin but Tomorrowland is a really long way. I am not that great so I really don’t think so. I am happy spinning in my “own”land.

Exhibit : Any book which you want us to read again?
Arjun : I love reading. Luckily I prefer my hard copies but sometimes I also use kindle because its easier to purchase. I personally like reading biographies. I really like Marlin Brando’s biography, “The songs my Mother taught me.” I think every actor should read it. Then there is also Richard Branson. All of his work is fantastic. From fiction, we have some wonderful writers like Khalid Hosseini whose work is simply mind blowing.

Exhibit : Any unusual apps which you use?
Arjun : Most of my Apps are gaming ones. I used to use Pinterest but then I lost interest after a point. Other nice apps which I would recommend are Tumblr , Stumbleupon and Cinematic. Cinematic helps to edit your footage to put it up on Instagram.

Exhibit : Tell us something about your entrepreneurship ventures?
Arjun : Well, I am into my restaurants and I am currently focusing on expanding LAP. You will see that soon in Mumbai and other parts of the world.

Exhibit : Exhibit is coming up with the hottest 100 start ups. Would you like to pick up stake in any?
Arjun : Really? Why don’t you send me the list then. Considering what money these people are making, I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all.

Exhibit : What would you want your biography to be titled as?
Arjun : I want it to be in two parts. Arjun Rampal A.M. and Arjun Rampal P.M. and P.M. is not PRIME MINISTER. (Laughs)

Exhibit : You have two lovely daughters and the current generation definitely loves technology. In what way is technology a part of your family time?
Arjun : Well, we have got the wifi. Everybody today owns an smartphone and everyone has gone so digital. There are so any apps out there. So, I think the internet has really become the main figure for everyone to get on to. It’s really important to be updated with technology or else you kind of feel left out which is sad but true.

Exhibit : Which is the latest gadget you are eyeing on?
Arjun : Right now I am eyeing on the D-Link router which is one monstraous router and can connect many machines together. I am definitely going to put this up on twitter so that everybody is going to have my address as to where they can get free and fast internet access from.

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