Apps that can get you fit at home while it rains outside

Monsoons are here and the temperature has dropped – A perfect combination to start that workut regime. But with monsoons come the hassle of travelling to your gym, suiting up, etc adding to the excuses to miss it altogether. Well, in the age of technology, one can get fit in the comfort of your home and pyjamas! Here are 5 apps for people who want to workout at home during monsoons:

Total Couch to 5K>>Who needs a run coach when you have your own pocket trainer? With the Total Couch to 5K app you have access to a complete nine-week running plan that will get you prepped and ready for your first 5k. You can use the app to map your runs, share your progress through social media and track your times, Stats are available for estimated calorie burn and projected 5K times, based on your daily training. One of the best features is that the app is supplemented by audio or voice cues that actually talk you through each run!

7 Minute Workout>>In the world of quickie trainer apps, 7 Minute Workout is kind of a big deal, with literally hundreds of user reviews to back it. Just as the name suggests, the app focuses on improving fitness in as little as seven minutes a day, with the 7 Minute Workout featured in The New York Times and published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal. Each seven-minute “intense training” set is designed to get your heart pumping using only your body weight and a chair. This makes the short power-burst workout (recommended to perform in three sets total) ideal for almost anyone who doesn’t have the time or the money to hit the gym.

Tabata FREE>>Tabata workouts are a hot trend, and why wouldn’t they be? A four-minute workout that’s as effective as it is fast is like the Holy Grail of fitness. The trick to mastering a true Tabata routine is to properly manage time. With eight rounds of exercise alternating between 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest, you have to have the right timer. Tabata FREE is your solution. Pre-programmed to time your Tabata intervals, you’ll never have to worry about watching a clock or resetting your timer. It truly makes Tabata effortless… except for the whole exercise part.

Yoga-pedia>>When you can’t make it to the yoga studio, or if you just want to learn the basics without the pressure of wandering eyes in class, this app provides tutorials for almost 100 poses and mudras. The basic moves are explained and accompanied by photos, and you can also access a daily audio lesson for the “pose of the day.” If you’re new to yoga and need a little more help sorting through all the options, there’s a Find a Pose feature that allows you to sort poses by common need, like poses that help increase energy, or poses that aid in weight loss.

Six Week Training>>Wow your friends and family by cranking out 100 pushups or killing 200 squats. Sound impossible? Not with the Six Week Training app. Rated almost five stars with more than 500 reviews, you know this app delivers the goods. Just choose your challenge, perform an initial test and start the program geared to your fitness level. To make it easy on you, the app allows you to schedule workout reminders, charting your results to keep you on track to meet your goal. After weeks two, four and five you can choose to take a periodic progress test to ensure that you’re always training at the appropriate level.

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