ANTARA MITRA, Music Sensation of the month

The Bong Beauty Antara Mitra is an ex Indion Idol contestant who has really made her mark in the Bollywood industry. From her berserk number like Saari Ke Fall Sa in R…Rajkumar to her the super melodious Gerua in Dilwale, she has definitely proved her singing prowess. In a candid conversation with Harsha Prerna, she expressed her views on the digital streaming and social media’s influence while speaking about her upcoming projects.

Exhibit: What is your style of Music?
Antara MitraI sing things which I think will sound good on me. That’s my style! I don’t try things I am not confident on.

Exhibit: Your thoughts on Social Media, Music Promotion, and Digital Streaming.
Call of the hour!! This is probably helping more and more audience to connect with various artists.

Exhibit: Describe Antara Mitra’s relationship with technology?
I am not very techy. I keep it to bare minimum! But in some fields technology is a must. Like I can’t live without phone and internet. And, a headphone is must in life.

Exhibit: Who is your inspiration in the Music field?
Everyone who does great music and supports good music inspires me! R D Burman to Pritam and Lata ji to Arijit they all are inspiring in their own way.

Exhibit: The best and the worst thing about being in this profession? How would you like to describe the life of a playback singer?
The best passion is your profession. Worst thing is you are always struggling because the profession is extremely uncertain. That’s precisely the life of a playback singer! You struggle to get the first break and your struggle becomes double to get the second song. It’s always a struggle under a glamorous coating.

Exhibit: What do you do when you’re not dubbing or doing a gig?
Reading books, catching up with friends for a coffee, watching movies in theatres.

Exhibit: Recently, a lot of actors have been trying their luck in singing. What are your thoughts on that?
I think it’s working for a particular audience that’s why people are doing it!! Not that all the songs sung by actresses are working. But I don’t mind as long as things are soothing ears! However all of them are very average singer and few are quite bad.

Exhibit: One thing you’d like to change in the current music scene?
I would love if independent music gets more love from music companies and labels!! That can change a lot of things for better.

Exhibit: Are you a social networking addict? How many times in a day do you check updates?
Many times! Facebook and Instagram to be precise!! Twitter not so much!!

Exhibit: Tell me about a time when you had to handle an unruly audience member.
Many times there have been unruly audience! I generally stop the band and get into a conversation from the stage itself with that particular person. Basically, I address the person and crack jokes!! That always works!! When the rest of the audience notices that particular person is acting funny then most of the times he gets a little conscious and stops behaving weird! That’s my trick!


Do what you do best and don’t try to be someone else! What worked for him won’t work for you! Every journey is different.


Exhibit: How often and for how long do you practice your craft?
Oh my god what a soft nerve you have touched!! Actually lately I am acting very lazy and not practicing properly and am very upset about that! Soon I will change it and make sure that I sit to practice once in 24 hours for sure.

Exhibit: If you weren’t into this field, what would you be doing?
Teaching in some college or may be a Doctor.

Exhibit: You’ve proved your singing prowess in Gerua and Janam Janam from Dilwale. Tell us about the journey of making a song?|
I have sung many scratches for Pritam Da, Gerua and Janam Janam were one of those tracks I did as shoot mix! But in both the songs the makers decided not to change the female vocal! I could not believe it to be very frank! And when I saw Gerua on big screen I was thrilled! Kajol is one of my most favourite actresses!! I could not believe my eyes seeing her lip syncing with my vocals!

Exhibit: What can we expect next on the cards?
Besides the film songs, I am coming up with a killer YouTube channel with great music.


  • Instruments you play: Piano & Harmonium
  • One favourite track sung by you: Itni si baat hai
  • Most useful tech gadget: Headphones
  • Best piece of advice given to you: Do what you do best and don’t try to be someone else! What worked for him won’t work for you! Every journey is different.
  • One song on loop: “O” by Coldplay
  • Favorite app for Musicians: iTanpura
  • Any regrets: Not doing enough Riyaaz
  • Beach or Mountains: beach
  • Phone you’re using currently: iphone 7s plus
  • Among your contemporaries, you admire: Arijit Singh / Shilpa Rao

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