Amit Agarwal – Fashion Designer

Exhibit: How would you describe your journey so far?

Amit: My journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. Naturally, I have felt inclined to create an aesthetic that had a definite shape and form. All of my travels and experiences culminated into the creation of my own eponymous couture label, Amit Aggarwal, and later its diffusion ready-to-wear line AM.IT.

Exhibit: You are known for the inclusion of industrial materials in your designs but how would you describe your style?

Amit: I enjoy the material play that goes into the making of our collections and the various textures that are developed. Our brand has an established tradition of creating designs by defining natural forms and articulating them through unique silhouettes and textiles. By wondrously weaving these contrasting forms, tactile qualities, and patterns into distinctive silhouettes and textiles we have fabricated a unique and divine design aesthetic.

Exhibit:  Amit Aggarwal and Tech- Describe your relationship?

Amit: We as a brand are greatly inspired by technology. We often use a lot of industrial materials with interesting metallic and lustrous finishing. My ideas about form and structure took shape by observing my father working on his engineering projects, and so technology is a crucial element for the brand.

Exhibit: If you could revive one fashion trend from the past, what would it be? 

Amit: I am not a follower of trends, I feel they come and go, it is our responsibility as designers to set modern trends every season.

Exhibit: What is the perfect way to blend tech and fashion, especially traditional Indian attire?

Amit: As a brand, our overall objective is to marry modernity with heritage. A special highlight of our recent collection is the restoration of vintage Phulkari textile using modern techniques. Our signature polymer details have been manipulated to form distinctive silhouettes. Our textile also features a play of movement with angular lines using our sophisticated cording techniques. We are taking traditional embroidery and contemporizing them to give them a more cutting-edge look.

Exhibit: How has Technology impacted the fashion industry according to you? 

Amit: I think technology has revolutionized the fashion industry in more ways than one. From using advanced technology to streamline processes, increase brand awareness or practising data analytics to make correct business decisions, There are numerous ways in which technology has changed how the industry functions. To also add to that, we as a brand have always married both craft and technology in our designs. Technology has always played a key influence in developing the aesthetic framework of every collection.

Exhibit: Which is the most advanced gadget that you use in designing? 

Amit: We use iPads for sketching and ideating the mood for the collection.  

Exhibit: How would you describe the evolution of Indian Fashion couture and where do you see it heading? 

Amit: Couture for me is a feeling more than anything else. Couture in India and the world over is a culture that will never fade away. What sets Indian couture apart is craftsmanship. We want our pieces to reflect the times we live in, a perfect embrace of modernity, tradition and the need to protect our planet.

Exhibit: According to you how does social media influence fashion trends?

Amit: The rise of social media has definitely diversified and influenced fashion trends in more ways than one. From the rise of influencer fashion to a myriad of real-time buying options, the fashion industry surely has undergone a sea of transformation off late. Having said that, as a designer, I don’t quite follow trends while designing a collection.

Exhibit: The rise of social media, do you think it is more easy or difficult for designers to find their audience? 

Amit: I personally believe that social media has opened the door to endless possibilities. Today designers have a strong social media presence which makes them much more accessible to all the consumers out there. There’s an opportunity to have real-time conversations, reveal new collections and even launch interactive online boutiques.



Your Fashion Icon: Tilda Swinton

A ritual you follow before every show: Breathe in and breathe out!

Most fashionable gadget: My iPad

Beauty in one word: Skin-deep

Most overrated trend: Big sunglasses

Most Underrated trend: Modern sarees

A gadget on your wishlist: The apple watch 4


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