All Over It

Do you remember when was the last time, you saw something and that was the end of it? There were no lingering thoughts about it at 3 in the morning when you lay wide awake on your bed? No? You have theories of all kind about John Snow and Malfoy being brothers from an alternate universe. As much as you are fond of the theories, your habit of creating theories and over thinking is not limited to fiction. It is about the reel and real! We decided to take matters in our hands and help you get all over it!

Sleep is what you need

Recent studies claim that half the psychological problems millennial face is because of the lack of sleep. Despite focusing on it, it is one of the most neglected factors. When you do not sleep well, you are vulnerable to irritation and negative thoughts. Hence switch off Netflix and try sleeping. But do not force yourself to sleep. If you sleep at 2 then it is impossible to sleep at 10. The transition will be slow but it will happen steadily.

sleepingSo is exercise

Is this out of context? Well, it seems so. But, it is not. Exercise can play a big role in curbing your overthinking habit. As everyone knows exercise helps to release stress and aggression in the form of physical activity. But on a contrary don’t go in barging your gym and end up spraining your leg. Take it slow and steadily, as it comes!

surroundingCheck Your Surrounding

Negativity is infectious. If you are around people who are constantly complaining, chances are you have picked it up.  Not only people, what you read, write, listen and see also impacts your mind. Try to be in a creative environment which motivates you and urges you to do better. Listen to positive podcasts at the start of the day. But, learn to differentiate between positivity and unrealistic ideas.

Not Forever

Overthinking causes people to assume that their problems are going to last forever. But, it is not true. None of your problems is going to last forever. Surely, the duration seems to be never-ending. Your fever is not going to last forever and well if it does, you can call in sick at work and avoid the day!

The 5 rule

 This is common and the most effective solution that we all need to adopt. Is your problem going to last for 5 years, then go ahead ruminate it all the time. Is it going to matter after 5 weeks, no? Then, why do you have to torture yourself? Overthinking can cause us to lose perspective, but if you get hold of yourself when you are starting to lose focus. You will be in a good state in no time. But it is always the perspective you need to control.

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