AFROJACK, DJ of the month

I don’t really have a dream. I just want artists in my label to perform at the same places that I’ve performed at. Now I want to make other people’s dreams come true. ”


Exhibit: 10 years in the Music industry, a Grammy in your repertoire and thousands of performances- we’re super-thrilled. How do you feel about it at this point?
Afrojack: I’m just having fun right now to be honest. Even though I have completed 10 years, I still feel like I am just getting started, you know?! I’m a record label owner too so right now, I’m really experimenting on the artist development side of things, and how these artists do the recordings. Of course we have enough experience with that now but that is really where my main focus is right now- more talent and artist development, and helping them get bigger. And on the side, I’m also focusing on making music for myself. I just did a song with David Guetta and Charli XCX so of course I make music myself, too. […]

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