A Stitch In Time


Style is very subjective whereas fashion is always constant. Some believe in following the trends while some try something different and make trends. But no matter how and what, we as human beings do end up being a part of the larger herd, directly or indirectly. Certain eras have a charm of their own and leave a huge impact on people. We always measure fashion by looking only at women’s style transformation throughout the years and leave the poor male species out of it. If you amongst those who think men’s fashion doesn’t exist, then think again! It surely does and there are so many transformations it has gone through, making them equally top of the fashion game as well. In our fashion special issue, we are here to give you a small tour of how men’s fashion has evolved in a way never seen before.

The 1980s

The 80s was an age of shoulder pads. Every jacket you see had pads fixed in them so that the shoulders stand erect and that looked posh at that point if time. The lighter shades were preferred even for the dark colours like brown or grey. The 80s Bollywood fashion was elegant and natural. The bold 70s outfits gave way to wearable attire. People had started drawing a much-wanted line between light casual wear and glittery stage wear. Another thing that has to be noted would be the hair. The hair on the western side of the world was well taken care of with hair gels. But back in India, it was still not available or we preferred flowy messy hair, whatever the reason was, the hair was pretty much unkempt. Also, well-crafted leather shoes were in as if they were the only option available. Now when I think of it, 80s men were way classier than men now, with their coats, flared pants, leather boots and perfectly set hair.
Key Features:
  • A more casual vibe
  • Lighter colours
  • Focus on basics
  • Oversized shapes

1980s tracksuit

The 1990s

The 90s was a cracking decade, with the emergence of a lot of loud fashion. This was the age when people started experimenting with colours and sizes, and a lot left confused. We can recollect the same coloured jackets and pants. What we ask now ‘Why?’, they asked ‘Why not?’ Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green were the favourites and boys loved tight body hugging t-shirts. One more thing that was very common was leather jackets. It was stereotyped for being the bad boy’s best friend and all the so-called good boys stayed away from it preferring brighter shades. Also, canvas shoes were brought in in the 90s. The suits and coats were given a miss and were only worn by the Richie Riches.
Key Features:
  • Colourful pallet
  • Plaid shirts
  • Matching bottoms
  • Overall baggy shape


The 2000s

The start of 2000 was an eclectic era with a lot of excitement and anticipation. The shadows of the 80’s and 90’s were lingering but the men were hitting the streets with spiky hair which would certainly add inches to your height, with popped collars and extremely distressed jeans. We all surely remember the men were wearing the long t-shirt with white air snickers and the iconic David Beckham diamond earing shining all the time. We still can’t figure out why the men were obsessed with dying their hair blonde? One thing which was relevant in early 2000 was the obsession with large pants and cargos. Men could be spotted wearing them with the sweatbands. Another thing to notice that the dressing style as a whole turned very casual and laid back. The younger generation was highly influenced by the pop and the music sensations.
Key Features:
  • Large Button Down shirts
  • Cargos
  • Spiked and blonde dyed hair
  • Overall a very laidback style

2000s fashion


The early 2010s  was a crossroad in terms of fashion of men. The bad boy leather jacket had made a comeback and we couldn’t complain! But the men also started wearing coloured shorts and denim shorts in the west. While the trend started in the UK, the Americans didn’t fail to follow up and adapt it soon. Compared to the early 2000’s the style of clothes was turning more formal and less casual. Oxford shoes, loafers and Chelsea boots were making a come back. Amongst the youth, the skater and sneakerheads fashion was trending. The fans of hip-hop were going down the pathway of the 1990’s just like the hip-hop stars. The men started wearing gelled slick hairstyle which complemented the business casual look. Brands such as Forever 21, H&M were gaining popularity by the mid’s 2010. Compared to the early trends, the men were turning more sleek and stylish by embracing the trends of the sophisticated dressing.
Key Features:
  • Undercut and Buzzcut hairstyle
  • Full Beard
  • Sneakers and Air Jordans le
  • Waffle Plaid Shirts

Think of men’s fashion, we can clearly see the difference in styles in different eras. Compared to women fashion, the male fashion is evolving very fast and highly influenced by the past, but fortunately only the classy and the sophisticated is being taken. Unlike the olden days, men are not withdrawing themselves from experimenting and trying new fashion and styles. Every individual has their personal style and sense of fashion and they are all always experimenting and giving the women a site to drool, we agree about that now, don’t we?

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