6 Ways To Ace ‘Food’ Sex!

There is one thing common between food and sex – they both give you immense pleasure and are super essential for your life. Even now that you are probably picturing food and sex together, that thought itself turns into a sensual feeling. There is some kind of intimacy in licking your fingers and using your fingers. A study also reveals that food play makes the relationship last longer than the usual. But it all depends on how you choose to do it. Try these tips to use the power of food as a sexual metaphor.

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1.Dessert anyone?

Always remember that foreplay will be just an appetizer, the main course is the sex. So you should feel full within the food foreplay. So try to limit it to just sweets and stay away from the spicy food that can burn the skin or the eye. You can use seasonal fruits like cherries, strawberries or mango slices or toppings like caramel sauce or marshmallow creme are also quite hot! Treat your bodies as plates or feed each other gently without overdoing it.

2. Say no to private parts

Private parts are very sensitive and mixing it with food is a completely bad idea. There are high chances of an infection or skin irritation which can be a total turn-off. The idea of a sticky pubic hair is not so acceptable as well. If you still wanna explore it, go for plain ice.  Otherwise, limit your creativity to above the waist and don’t there are plenty of erogenous to explore.

3. Sense it out

I know that thinking about food will instantly open up your sense of taste but that is not enough! Knock all the senses to make the process more pleasurable. You can start by smelling the food and then feeling it that too from your partner’s body. Chocolates, ice, and honey are considered as foods to increase your orgasm because of its texture and smell. You can be innovative and try frozen fruits or popsicles and rub it on the sensitive areas. That would be pure magic!

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4. Open your mouth…

Our mouth plays the main role in the whole process of food play. Oral sex has always been the initiator of a much deeper connection with your partner. While you can start by licking but then quickly move to suck off the cream from fingers or gently nibbling honey off the body. Neck, earlobes, nipples, and lips are considered as the sensitive zones. So use it to the maximum and you’ll be shocked by the results!

5. Fore’play’ game on!

The word ‘foreplay’ is incomplete without ‘play’. Whatever you do make sure you both are comfortable at it and also having super fun. Foodplay takes a lot of efforts but looking at the results, it’s worth every effort. Make the experience more personal where you can attach more memories to it. You can have fun using food where you can splash honey on each only to lick it later or you can also tease your partner using certain tactics as well. It can sound silly at the beginning but it’s gonna end up being too sexy.

6. Because cleanliness is next to…

After you finish your extravagant adventure using all the above steps, this step is equally important. You don’t want to stay dirty throughout right? So collect all the plates, leftovers and food-splattered clothing or bedding and put it for washing. Also, take a shower and help your partners as well. Who knows, this might lead to a round two!

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