6 Tips To Ace The Open Relationship

As exciting as it sounds, open relationships can be equally risky. It is a fragile concept and people are yet to know the tips and tricks to ace it. Since we are talking about liberty, why to throw shades when it comes to relationships? Everything is good if it is done with proper concern. We have tried to jot down few must-haves below when it comes to open relationships.

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 1.Do it for the right reasons

If you are looking for a way out or to solve your current relationship issues then it will only make it more complicated. You decide on your right reasons whether it is for your interest in other people or for various physical experiences as that could make the path easier. But the main things would be physical with rest all and romantic with one.

2. Set some boundaries

No matter how much liberal you are, everything needs to have a limit. You cannot just hook up and be a jerk about it just because you are in an open relationship. You should always discuss certain questions such as: Do you both need to be present in order for sex with other people to be okay? Can you be with one gender and not the other? Are certain sex acts off the table?

3. Deal with jealousy

No matter how much you try, you can never escape this third wheel a.k.a jealousy. When your loved one is seducing someone else, you feel a little left out at times. And you cannot avoid it and you will have to be prepared for it. Learning to not react will be the best way out of this situation.  Also, talking it out to your partner will be of great help.

4. Tell your other partners

This is something that we often tend to miss out but is very important as well. The other person definitely needs to know what the deal is. Just that you are not cheating with one person doesn’t mean you are allowed to hurt others. Always maintain a transparent setup and make sure that whoever you are involved with is in sync with the deal.

5. Nothing changes in the relationships

-Don’t let the sex get in the way of an amazing relationship. Just because you are getting a lot of sex from someone else, you should not forget the fact that you are committed to a person emotionally. You should never to let the partner know that you are in love with only them and that they still find you equally attractive.

6. Fix the priorities

There is a very thin line between a polygamous relationship and an open relationship. Here since you are involved emotionally only with one person, that person should always be a priority. Don’t make your partner feel like a second fiddle in the relationship who runs behind you for attention. Your first preference should always be your partner.

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