6 Signs That You Are Dating A F#ckboy

The world is filled with ‘creeps’ and ‘weirdos’ and I am sure every girl must have had an experience with one at least. But the sad part is, these fuckboys are so good at acting like a sweetheart that we often don’t realize while we are with them. But it’s high time now to stop them from taking advantage of you or play with your emotions. So you’ve got to look for the signs, the signs that tell you that the guy you’re with is a bonafide fuckboy.

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1. Everything happens too quick

There will be no time zones or stages when you are with a Casanova. One moment you will be deciding on whether to talk to him or not and the next moment you guys will be holding hands and deciding on the place to get married. Fuckboys make you dream about a paradise that exists only in your head.

2. He never introduces you to his friends or family

Let’s face it – if you mean something to him he would probably have told at least his friends about you. But that never happens in this case, in fact, he will avoid you having any contact with them. It means that you are not as important to him as you thought and all he wants from you is some head and a one-way ticket.

3. He never addresses you as his girlfriend

He doesn’t want to put a title on your relationship because he doesn’t want other girls to see that he has a girlfriend because then he won’t be able to hit on them. He is never really looking for a long-term relationship and a tag would be would be a lot of commitment for him. You will be waiting a long time (forever to be precise) for that girlfriend label!

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4. He will have less listening skills

When the two of you talk, he just nods his head to anything you say but he never asks further questions. This is really a red sign because it clearly means that he is not interested in you. They have little patience to get into the process of knowing you and to be honest, they don’t deserve to!

5. He is always hooked to his phone

He’s always texting other people when you’re together, and they’re def not all bros. While he is with you, he might be planning his next date with some other chick. And, why would you be with someone who is attracted to his phone screen than your beautiful soul?

6. All of his exes were ‘psychos’.

Sound familiar? Apparently, all the vamps in the world must have been his exes and this poor boy had to go through all those frogs before he found you. The chances are his ex’s were not psychos, they just got wise and left him. When you wise up and leave him, you’ll be another psycho in his list of exes, so this might be the clue to do so!

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