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Okay so, imagine this, the air conditioner is on, you’re sitting on your couch, probably wearing a hoodie, in a silent and calming atmosphere with your pet unicorn (hey, I did say we are imagining this) listening to soothing music in the background. How can someone not work at their maximum capacity in this?

Work from home is not very welcomed yet, and we’ve welcomed some crazier things (coughTrumpcough). We don’t get why someone has to come to the office to work, pay the transport cost, deal with people, pay for food, the owner who has to pay the rent, pay for the overhead cost, the list goes on, when all you have to do is let someone work from their home without incurring all those extra costs? Isn’t business all about making the green notes? [Now, purple, orange, blue and brown 🙂 ]

Think about it.

1| Anytime, anywhere

Your office can be absolutely anywhere and not just your home. You’re feeling like a nice hot cup of well-made coffee? Your workspace can be a cute and cozy coffee shop.  A match coming up? Your workspace can be in front of the television.

2| Cost effective

To say it will cut down on your cost is an understatement, and it’s needless to say that you’ll save SO much money.

3| Work on your own schedule

We’re a really strong believer of quality over quantity. So as long as your work is being completed by midnight, I don’t see why one has to tell you that you HAVE TO complete a certain work in the same old 9-5 timing. One might be more comfortable working under pressure and finish the work last moment, whereas one might complete it faster and chill.

4| Keep in touch in a more fun way

Let’s face it dealing with people face to face is a task which we all have to do in a normal office job. Not anymore! In a work from home one, there is a huge range of communication tools to communicate from. One might even have little fun together with features like emojis, chat room “bots,” or silly effects in video chats. Also, those long 45 minutes meeting will automatically become 15 minutes, that’s a guarantee.

5| Avoid office drama

Personally, we feel, co-workers can either make or break your work experience. Even if you’re working at the job you always wanted, they can make happy situations crappy. So, did you think that now that you’ve graduated High school and college, people will become mature and not gossip?

No, my friend, people don’t change, and you will be a subject to a phenomenon called posturing. Where people will mislead you into thinking that they’re your friends, only to find that they just wanted the job done to impress the boss and take credit.

Work from home to your rescue! No more of the unnecessary drama, I mean come on, we anyway have a lot of that in our lives.

In conclusion, I would like to quote our beloved fifth harmony,

“You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work
But you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work

We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh”

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