5 Morning Habits You Must Get Rid Of

Not a Morning person? We’ve got a few fixes for you that might just turn your life around!

 1. The ‘5 more minutes’ routine

The morning alarm is usually followed by the promise of sleeping for just 5 more minutes which by experience, we know, never really works out! Fun fact, these 5 minutes do not help you get extra rest, they just make you super lazy for the day to come! And that’s not a great start to a new day, is it?

2. Make Water your best friend!

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be stressed enough, especially in the morning. Quit the morning coffee/tea routine and let your body relish a little water first thing as soon as you wake up.

3. Let that beat rock your day!

The kind of music you listen to can determine your mood for the entire day. Make sure you get up and dance to some offbeat song that keeps your spirits high and motivated! It’ll surprise you how you automatically start looking forward to your tasks for the day.

4. Social Media is a no-no

STOP checking your phone as soon as you open your eyes. Studies show that people who check their social media platforms first thing in the morning are more likely to proceed with their day with a negative outlook. Not only that, they tend to develop feelings of jealousy, self-loathing, anxiety, and depression. And yes, it does escalate that quickly.

5. Mornings are for organizing

Start writing down your tasks on a To-Do list. Nothing feels better than checking off those chores at the end of a day. It acts as a default confidence booster for the next day.

One extra tip, because we’re nice like that,

Don’t forget to look in the mirror and put on that secret weapon – your smile. Be kind, to yourself and others.

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