5 mins with Designer Rajat Tangri

By putting up a splendid spectacle with his elegant collection, Rajat Tangri, who returmed to TFT 3.0, took it a notch higher. In a candid yet informative conversation, we chatted up with the designer about his thoughts on the importance of Tech in Fashion, his fashion preferences and much more.

Modern design totally realms on new techniques and machinaries which help us understand and innovate as per the dynamic and ever-changing times and demands of our modern society. ”


Exhibit: Rajat Tangri – the brand has grown to become a popular one and has had quite a journey. How would you like to describe the journey?
Rajat Tangri: Creativity has always been in my genes. I acquired it from my dad who is an architect and did a lot of painting. I started developing that flare, too, and then I got into fine arts. My second passion was clothes! So I always knew I wanted to be a designer and well, that’s how it all began!

I was studying Fashion in Australia and I was visiting my sister for her wedding and that’s when I designed my first ever creation. It was her wedding Lehenga!! It came out to be extremely stunning!

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your style of design?
Rajat Tangri: Eclectic and eccentric. I think my design philosophy revolves around curating modern luxury and redefining city glamour.

Exhibit: Rajat Tangri and Tech – what is the relationship like?
Rajat TangriTechnology and Fashion always have this beautiful symbiotic association. And, talking personally, I am indeed a gadget addict person who thrives on the excitement of what’s new and what’s next.

Exhibit: What do you think about the blend between Fashion and Technology?
Rajat TangriNew technology help us redefine new possibilities. It makes us more efficient to deliver better quality and finish at stunning speed. In today’s virtual world, fashion thrives and prospers only because of the new age science and technical wonderment. I always incorporate new exciting techniques and skills like 3D printing, laser cutting, digital printing to explore the spectrum of exciting and promising ideas which are au currant and relevant to modern lifestyle and new age taste.

Exhibit: Tell us about your most recent collections and the one you’d be showcasing at TFT.
Rajat TangriThis collection reflects my core design ideology of electric glamour. Ode to the futuristic 80s, this neo-romantic collection celebrates sleek modern evening wear in a stunning glamorous avatar. Inspired by famous Studio 54 and happening disco era, this collection narrates a new definition of evening luxury with a dash of Eclectic floral symphony.

Exhibit: You are making a return in TFT Season 3 after a great showcase in the second season. What are your thoughts being associated with TFT? Is anything different?
Rajat TangriTFT is a great initiative which allows me to experiment and present a new vision which celebrates both of my favorite things – technology and fashion – and it’s always a great opportunity to present fresh new ideas with the TFT family.

With every edition TFT has tremendously improved and have grown in multitude and it’s great to showcase with them as they truly believe in the same motto as mine of celebrating statement future defining designs and style.

Exhibit: How heavily do you think is Fashion dependent on Tech and vice versa?
Rajat TangriFashion is miniscule in the universe of technology. Technology has empowered us to create our visionary ideas into creative realities. Modern design totally realms on new techniques and machinaries which help us understand and innovate as per the dynamic and ever-changing times and demands of our modern society. New fabrics, innovative techniques and versatile treatments always excited me as creator to deliver something relevant and yet fashion forward for the society.

Exhibit: Do you depend on any technology – gadget or app – for professional purposes?
Rajat TangriSocial Media and ecommerce have totally changed the consumer behavior and we have smartly plugged-in this virtual universe to expand our markets and reach. Each of the social media platform and app has helped us understand our consumer in different contexts and has made us understand the power of technology in a very short period of time.

Exhibit: Who is the best person to dress in your collections?
Rajat TangriKangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone. They are my ultimate Divas!

Exhibit: What or who inspires you?
Rajat TangriMy major inspiration comes from 1950’s. I like the early Dior era where lot of structure, shapes and forms were introduced.

Exhibit: Words of advice for aspiring fashion designers.
Rajat TangriThe fashion industry is dynamic and competitive. It is very important to stay humble and stay hungry to learn at every juncture. Work hard, believe in yourself and you will definitely achieve your goals.


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