10 Outlandish Contemporary Lightings that are Artistic and Graceful

One of the most defining elements of any space is its lighting. The lighting speaks volumes about the homeowner and gives the place a unique individual character. It can make or break the aesthetics of any place. A simple change in lighting can completely transform a place’s atmosphere. In modern times lights have become more and more artistic. Designs have become quirky, innovative and stylish. There has been a shift from grand and ostentatious designs to more subtle and graceful ones. For all those who wish to explore this new realm of contemporary designs, look no further Here are 10 Modern creations that will blow your mind.

1] Marine Light

Inspired by the ocean, Israeli designer Nir Meiri has created an absolute masterpiece. Through the innovative use of seaweed, he has produced an enchanting lamp that gives the living space a magnificent see green aura. The lamp appears almost magical, leaving onlookers in a trance like state– smitten by its beauty. The lamp is unique and artistic but also subtle and sophisticated; a balance that is very hard to find and perhaps its greatest strength. Marine Light is one of the most original and creative designs on the market and my personal favourite.

exhibitmag Marine-Light

2] Melting Liquid Table Lamp

This very intriguing lamp is the creation of Kouichi Okamoto, the head designer of Japanese design studio Kyouei Design. The lamp looks like a melting bucket of paint that has been tipped over and frozen in time. Ignoring the laws of gravity and resembling a liquid in suspended motion. The simple modern design is elegant, artistic and stylish. The lamp has an outlandish appeal and is a highly perplexing, resembling an optical illusion. The lamp is a visual delight and a brilliant example of ultra-modern furniture design.

Melting Liquid Table Lamp

3] Leonardo Lamp

This beautiful design is the work of the well known Spanish designer Antoni Arola. The lamp is made of thin slats of birch wood tangled together to form a beautiful knot. The design provides the lamp with a lot of depth and volume, yet its simplicity and colour prevent it from becoming overbearing. In many ways the lamp is a reminder of 20th-century Scandinavian lamps, however, it also displays Mediterranean freshness in what appears to be a tagliatelle knot. The lamp is a bridge between the past and the present working alongside both quaint and contemporary interiors.

4] Lull Lamp

A result of the combined work of three Norwegian designers Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene and Audun Kollstad. The Lull lamp is a truly ingenious design that resembles a flower not only in look but also behaviour. Just like a flower the lamp opens up its petals and blooms in the mornings while closing its petals and forming a bud at night. The light intensity also changes with time, providing bright light in the morning and dim light in the evening. The innovative use of technology is what sets this lamp apart giving it a futuristic allure.

Lull Lamp

5] Lumio

Lumio was founded by Max Gunawan who despite having a background in architecture held a passion for minimal design. Lumio is a lamp hidden in the form of a hardcopy book that can open up to 360 degrees. When opened the book begins to glow and brightens the surroundings with radiant light. Along with this Lumio comes with a custom micro USB charger that adds to its versatility. Lumio is beautiful, portable and adaptable making it very different from any other lamp available on the market.


6] Titanic Lamp

This sinking beauty is designed by Viable London and like most of their creations is absolutely exquisite. A part of the lamp appears to be submerged inside the table, creating the illusion of sinking. The piece is inspired by the unsinkable Titanic; whose tragic fate is known by us all. The lamp has a very graceful and chic appearance despite its unconventional design. The piece is bound to attract attention as it generates curiosity and thus in many ways, it’s a conversation starter. Modern and refined the lamp can elevate any interior to an all new level.

Titanic Lamp

7] Chandelier that turns the room into a Forest

Danish duo Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz are the creatives behind this magnificent albeit sinister design. The chandelier produces multiple shadows on the walls that resemble mysterious woods and thick forests transporting the viewer into a fantasy world. Altering the light intensity can change the effect of the chandelier making it darker and eerier as the lighting intensifies. The creativity and ingenuity of the design is extremely impressive. Though slightly uncanny the chandelier is brilliant for all those who fancy adventure and magic in their own lives.

8] Mushroom LED Light

Mushrooms have a somewhat enchanting appeal and now Japanese designer Yukio Takano has created LED mushrooms that can lie on your desk or floor, providing both light and intrigue. These beautifully made Mushrooms along with their naturalistic barks have a fairy tale charm. Made with glass and driftwood the design is very convincing and attractive. The light allows people to bring a part of nature back home in a beautiful and tasteful way.

Mushroom LED Light

9] Peel Wall Light

Developed by the Japanese design studio YOY, Peel Wall Light is a very interesting design. The thin OLED light is mounted onto the wall in such a way that it appears as if a part of the wall is peeling and that the light is originating from behind it. The design is extremely futuristic and has a cold and polished feel. The light will certainly turn heads and puzzle anyone who sees it, as it is very realistic. Not ostentatious but still very striking; the light is the perfect way to try something exceedingly peculiar but not eccentric.

Peel Wall Light

10] OLED Dandelion Lights

This simple charming light is the work of Japanese cinematographer Takao Inoue. It is Made of real dandelions, that are suspended inside acrylic blocks. A small OLED light is placed inside the plants stem making it glow. This creation produces ethereal dim light that looks simply stunning. The light seems to be really delicate, producing a very soft and warm ambience. The design is subtle and life like and an ideal choice for evenings since it is mellow and calming.

OLED Dandelion Lights

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